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Establishment / History:

Vision of BAB

Bangladesh Association of Banks’ vision is to guide its member banks to inject dynamism and innovative banking practices in Bangladesh, ensuring competitiveness that is at par with global practices. Our challenge for this millennium is to bring forth new ideas in banking, create new strategies for member banks to develop transparency and initiate concerted efforts for coordinated growth of the banking sector.

BAB is determined to work in close proximity and guidance of Bangladesh Bank and play a pioneer role in strengthening the banking sector. The Association offers to implement the present day concepts of corporate culture in the banking institutions and automated banking through online and internet based banking. The Association was formed with the main objective of taking common approach towards solving the problems faced by the banking sector. Keeping this objective in view the Executive Committee of the Association reviews the important issues affecting the banking sector. The members of the Executive Committee, both collectively and individually, take up the issues with the Ministry of Finance, the Governor, Bangladesh Bank, International Agencies like the World Bank, the IMF etc. and other appropriate authorities for making realistic solutions in order to tide over the difficulties faced by the banking sector. In short, the Association ensures stability and sound growth whilst enhancing the value of shareholders investments

Mission of BAB

Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB) is an advisory service organisation for the private sector commercial Banks. It has now emerged as an effective form for exchanging views on problems being faced by the banking sector of Bangladesh and for formulating common policy guidelines in addressing such problems. Above all, BAB will become most caring, focused for equitable growth of the Banking sector by providing advisory service with policy guideline to address any sort of problem and help the Banks to be gainfully profitable for contributing to the economy of the Country.