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Objectives of BAB

  • To Act as an advisory body to its member banks.
  • To evolve a common thinking through exchange of views among the members towards solution of the problems faced by the banking sector.
  • To maintain close contact with Bangladesh Bank, Ministries and other appropriate authorities in order to tide over the difficulties faced by the banking sector.
  • To collect classify and disseminate statistical and other information relating to banking sector.
  • To organise seminars/ workshops/ training programmes for removing knowledge gap among the different level of officers of member banks.
  • To publish periodical newsletters, bulletins and other publications on matters relating to banks.
  • To provide guidance from time to time for the conduct of the business of banking.
  • To promote and develop sound banking principles, practices and conventions in all respects.
  • To render assistance and provide various common services to members and to the banking industry.
  • To receive, meet and discuss with the representatives of international financial bodies, eminent economist and bankers.
  • To settle inter member bank disputes and to adopt appropriate measures against unfair banking practices.
  • To project a good public image of banking as a services industry.